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Request for Proposals
Restoration and Occupancy Plan

Argentia Management Authority Inc. (AMA) invites proposals from interested companies to participate in a suitable lease arrangement to restore and occupy AMA Building 7, (Former Aircraft Hangar), Northside Peninsula, Argentia NL for gainful business use.   

Registered as a non-profit corporation under the laws of Newfoundland and Labrador, AMA mandate is to provide effective stewardship of the seaport and industrial property at Argentia to enhance the region’s economic vitality and quality of life.

Interested parties can refer to our website for the Terms of Reference for this project or a digital copy can be provided by contacting Marion King at

Proposals will be accepted up to Friday, August 8, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. 

Proposals should be clearly marked confidential and addressed and delivered, mailed or e-mailed to:

Ms. Marion King
Office Manager
Argentia Management Authority Inc.
12 Marquise Avenue, P. O. Box 95
Argentia, NL   A0B 1W0
Tel:  709-227-5502 Extension 203

Argentia Management Authority does not bind itself to accept any proposal.

Terms of Reference
Restoration and Occupancy Plan –

AMA Building 7 (Former Aircraft Hangar)
Northside Peninsula, Argentia, NL

1.            Argentia Management Authority (AMA) Profile

Argentia Management Authority Inc. (AMA) is a private not-for-profit corporation incorporated in 1995 under the laws of Newfoundland and Labrador with a mandate to provide effective stewardship of the seaport and industrial property at Argentia to enhance the region’s economic vitality and quality of life. AMA owns and operates the Port of Argentia through its wholely owned subsidiary, Argentia Port Corporation (APC). As well, AMA owns and operates the Northside Industrial Park, Southside Industrial Park, Argentia Sunset Park and Argentia Technology Park. In combination, these four Parks include some 1,200 hectares of developed industrial land, and 46,000 square metres of commercial building space.  The Port of Argentia is a commercial seaport offering ice free, year round access, a wide turning basin, heavy lift capacity, and up to 11-metre draught alongside 645 metres of dock facilities.  It has a variety of stevedoring, transportation, crane and other dock services available on site. The Port is certified by Transport Canada as compliant under the Marine Transportation Security Regulations (MTSR), with dock facilities surrounded by a 40-hectare secure fenced compound.

AMA is led by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, and a professional Management Team with knowledge in port and property management, and business and economic development. Following a strategic planning exercise recently conducted by the Board and Management in conjunction with its many stakeholders, AMA’s Vision is for Argentia to be Newfoundland and Labrador’s premier heavy industrial seaport.

2.            AMA Building #7 (Former Aircraft Hangar) Profile

AMA Building #7 was originally an aircraft hangar constructed in 1942 by the US Navy as part of the Naval Air Station at Argentia. The building was turned over to Canada in the 1970’s at time the Naval Air Station was closed, where is has been used for equipment and commodity storage. Ownership of Building #7 was transferred to AMA in 2001 as part of a Land Transfer Agreement with Public Works Government Services Canada (PWGSC).

Specifications of the building are as follows:

  • 19 Waterfront Drive on the Argentia Northside Peninsula
  • 8,270 square foot (126’ x 145’) building, with a height of 45 feet
  • Single story, slab on grade building, with a utilities sump (basement) located at the south west corner and second floor deck in northwest corner.
  • Floors are concrete and brick.
  • Walls are comprised of structural steel enclosed with wood and covered by an exterior layer of corrugated transite sheeting.
  • Roof consists of two steel frame overlying layers, the top layer being enclosed with wood, and covered with asphalt shingle materials.
  • Doors: The building has 2 passage doorways, 2 large overhead doorways, and large hangar bay doors fronting Waterfront Drive.
  • Crane: One overhead crane on NW-SE support beam

The last AMA lease on Building 7 expired in 2010, and the building is currently not in a condition to be occupied without significant repairs to address existing health and safety concerns, including needed repairs to the roof enclosure, walls, doors and other building features.

3.            Rationale for Restoration and Occupancy

Per its mandate to utilize the port and property assets to generate economic development on site, AMA has been marketing Building 7 to individuals and companies that could have a business interest in restoring and reoccupying this facility. Following the October 10, 2013 announcement by the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador that Husky Energy will be carrying out a $2.5 Billion construction project at Argentia, interest in Building 7 has increased. With its location 500 metres from the Husky construction site, its high ceiling, solid steel frame structure, and repairable overhead crane, Building 7 could present a compelling business opportunity for firms seeking to take advantage of certain supply and service opportunities relating to the Husky project and other activities on site in the coming years. 

AMA is seeking to participate in a suitable lease arrangement with a proponent that has a vision to take advantage of the existing features of Building 7 to restore and occupy the building for gainful business use. In so doing AMA is seeking proposals which maximize repairs and refurbishments to the building as well as employment and other economic benefits for the area.

4.            Information to be provided by Proponents

Those interested in responding to this Request for Proposals (RFP) are asked to provide the following information:

a.            Background on the company, current business activities at other facilities, and other relevant industrial experience,     
b.            Description of your current ownership structure, names of principals of the company; and contact person for the proposal;
c.             Description of the business plan involved and how you would take advantage of Building 7 in the short run and/or long run as part of this strategy for the site, including a description of planned refurbishments and fit out activities to support the start-up of activities on site, hiring plans, and plans to source supplies from the local area.
d.            How do you plan to start the service, and in particular which contracts you would be executing or clients you would be serving to bring the site back to an operational sate, and any other opportunities for growth which you may be seeking to exploit,
e.            Description of how you would finance the building restoration and fit out for operations, and the time lines for same, and general lease Term needed to make the proposal work.
f.             Brief description of your safety and security management systems in relation to the planned use of the site.

It is suggested that proponents provide sufficient information in their proposals to permit AMA to fully evaluate the proponents’ capabilities and its plan to move their business plan forward.

5.            Evaluation of Proposals

AMA will evaluate all proposals received using a number of factors including:

  • quantity and quality of planned restoration and fit out activities
  • lease Term and Rate required to commit to restoration and occupation plans
  • overall experience and reputation of the proponent,
  • ability to operate the company(ies)on a cost effective, safe, and competitive basis,
  • plans for local employment and supplies,
  • company fit to current and planned future industrial and marine activities at Argentia
  • completeness of the information requested in Section 4 above.

During its evaluation AMA may request additional information from any proponent to provide further clarification of anything contained in their proposal.

All proponents will be notified whether or not their proposal has been selected. AMA reserves the right to adjust a proponent’s evaluation or reject any proposal.

6.            Confidentiality

The proponent acknowledges that any information concerning the business and affairs of AMA or its agents, employees, or clients of whom the proponent, its agents or employees hall become aware in the course of submitting a proposal on this RFP or providing any services under this proposal shall be treated as confidential. The proponent agrees to take such measures to protect such information as it would reasonably be expected to take to protect its own confidential information.

Any sensitive or proprietary information provided by a proponent in response to this RFP,
will be treated as privileged and not released by AMA to external parties unless so authorized by the proponent or required to be released in accordance with the Canadian Federal Access to Information Act. Proposals submitted will only be circulated internally to those at AMA who are required to have knowledge of such documents.

7.            Proponents’ Inquiries     

Any questions relating to the specific requirements for the content of this RFP or to request a site visit should contact:

Ms. Marion King
Office Manager
Tel:         709-227-5529
Fax:        709-227-5592

8.            Submission of Proposals

Proposals should be marked confidential and addressed and delivered or mailed or emailed to:

Ms. Marion King
Office Manager
Argentia Management Authority Inc.
12 Marquise Avenue, P.O. Box 95
Argentia, NL   A0B 1W0


9.            Revisions by Proponent

A proponent may change a previously submitted proposal by withdrawal, amendment or by submitting a replacement proposal, but such change must be received in writing prior to the proposal closing time at the location indicated above.

10.            Reserved Rights

AMA wish to advise proponents that they reserve the right to reject any and all proposals at any time without further explanation or to accept any proposal considered advantageous to the two ports.

AMA is not obliged to accept any proposal and a formal agreement may not result from this RFP.

All costs associated with the preparation of the proposal and attending any meetings with AMA are the sole responsibility of the proponent.

AMA reserves the right to modify the terms of the RFP at any time at their sole discretion.

Welcome to Argentia!

We are delighted that you have taken the time to visit our web site and learn more about the tremendous advantages and opportunities available at Argentia.

Formerly occupied by the United States as a military base, Argentia has been returned to the local community and under the leadership of Argentia Management Authority Inc. (AMA), is redeveloping Argentia with a diverse group of port users and tenants involved in marine transportation, construction, manufacturing, steel fabrication, information technology, oil & gas, mining and other activities.

Argentia is a port and industrial site located on the southeastern portion of the Island of Newfoundland, in Placentia Bay. Argentia is situated within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Placentia. For further information on Port Argentia and Placentia Bay, click on

The Marine Atlantic ferry service in Argentia commenced June 15, 2012.

For further information on the Marine Atlantic Ferry Service from North Sydney, NS to Argentia, NL, please click

With a strategic location in the center of the world’s major shipping lanes, Argentia offers well-maintained infrastructure, a highly skilled local workforce, and significant cost advantages.

Argentia Management Authority and its subsidiary Argentia Port Corporation are mandated to manage, market and develop Argentia as a catalyst for the economic growth of the Placentia area.

We encourage you to browse our web site and learn more details about the Argentia Advantage.

Why Argentia?

These are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Argentia as the location for your business venture:

*Strategic Location – A superb location in the centre of major North Atlantic shipping lanes and access to the world’s most affluent markets.

*Ice-Free-Port – One of the finest ice-free deep water ports in Eastern Canada.

*Industrial Land - 900 hectares of developed, flat land zoned for industrial use adjacent to the port.

*Skilled Workforce– A highly skilled and motivated workforce on the Avalon Peninsula.

*Government Incentives – Major Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government Incentives.

*AMA Team - A professional business development team to support your start up at Argentia.

*Cost Savings – Port fees and land lease rates positioned favourably to compete with other port and land authorities.

These key selling points combine to provide a compelling value proposition for your company.

Argentia wants your business. Talk to us about your business needs today, and you can have the “Argentia Advantage” working for you too!

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out the welcome
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